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Malcolm Anthony ensures that there is no rest for the "Wicked" [Video]

Malcolm Anthony is using his voice and platform to amplify the movement against the establishment. On his anthemic single "Wicked," he takes to task the government of the day and shares his undiluted views on everything affecting minorities in the US.

The track is a rousing militant anthem that channels Anthony's frustrations, pain, and anger.  He starts off with a profound warning to the young ones with "..Careful boy this world is wicked, cherish every moment of your youth, I really missed it..." and dives into his own pain with "...Black man walk around they wanna get me, mama's crying and my homies saying they missed me...". He brings to the forefront the grim realities of being a black man whose life can be targeted at a whim, but is definitely not going down without a fight.

The visual is quite harrowing with its depiction and recreation of the incident that led to the death of George Floyd with Anthony being at the receiving end. It also splices various clips and images of protests from all over the country and performance shots of Anthony as well. 

Get "Wicked" on Apple Music//Deezer//Spotify.

Connect with Malcolm Anthony: Audiomack | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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