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Rising London artist Eloise Viola drops empowering new track "Bad Girl"

On her brand new single, “Bad Girl,” London-based singer-songwriter Eloise Viola, again proves her ability to combine typical pop sounds, with intricate productions, bold lyrics and a powerful voice.

“Bad Girl” is an empowering pop banger that seeks to break down labels and stereotypes forced upon women. The song urges people to acknowledge, accept and embrace their unique individuality rather than allow themselves to be diminished to singular personality or physical traits.  Paired with a well-thought out, artistic video, the singer and her team have reached out to several talented, diverse women from all walks of life—contortionists, gymnasts, dancers and more—around the world for a raw yet anthemic visual that focuses on importance issues such as body positivity and self-worth.

Speaking of the track, the songstress said, "'Bad Girl' is an ironic song that satirises the way that society can use labels to stereotype and diminish women. People can be exactly who they want to be; and not who they have been told they are by other people. I want to encourage people to see themselves as unique individuals, an undefinable mix of their personality and experiences, rather than using labels as a way to simplify people and reduce them to one set of expected behaviors."

Growing up inspired by the catchy anthems of legendary artists like Janis Joplin, Viola has always been in love with music. Later pursuing a degree in psychology, the singer has combined her passion for body positivity with her penchant for music to build a musical world where everyone feels welcome.

Following her 2019 release I Am Enough, Viola has gone from strength to strength in what’s been a challenging year for us all. With two other singles from her forthcoming EP—“Better Me” and “What You Gunna Do,"—already under her belt this year, “Bad Girl” solidifies her space in the pop landscape.

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