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J. Cole releases back-to-back singles "The Climb Back" and "Lion King On Ice" from new project 'Lewis Street'

J. Cole did not fail to deliver fans with a captivating new project in the form of a two-single EP, Lewis Street


"The Climb Back" is a compelling single that features conscious wordplay that tackles various issues of social and racial inequality, including systematic racism once again. Using clever metaphors and poetic rhymes J. Cole seeks to trigger our minds to think deeper than the surface, particularly about the struggles of everyday survival. His flow is impeccable as he raps swiftly and eloquently delivering each word with the heavyweight of its meaning.

"Lion King On Ice" takes advantage of even more powerful metaphors. With lines like; "I have blood on my hands. I have big plans and a whole lot to prove," J. Cole shows us his humanity yet also the power that he holds within. These words create a repetition in the chorus, which offer a calming yet incredibly impactful sound. Through intelligent wordplay, J. Cole addresses the many deaths within the community and beautifully ties in how class inequality is to blame. At the same time, through the intricate songwriting, he also wisely acknowledges that spiritual elevation by healing is necessary to go forward. The choice of the production sounds in the background paint vivid imagery of prayers and cries for help. 

Press play and hold a tight grasp on the gems Cole never fails to provide.

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