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KAYLS wants create a more inclusive music industry "Just Another Day"

Kicking off with femme attitude and flair, LA-singer KAYLS delivers an ominous and enticing new single "Just Another Day." 

KAYLS once again collaborates with female producer and friend Bambor Leany on "Just Another Day." The track takes on an indie commercial sound as the lyrics call to light the injustices in the world. The track opens with a menacing bassline met by autotuned vocals that go between slow chorus lines and fast verses. On the production side what stands out most is the syncopated melodies to compliment the almost unstructured track that gives it the attitude and flair KAYLS is calling into her world. 

“The indie world is ready for this kind of revolution,” says KAYLS over email. "Bambor Leany, one of the rare few female producers, crafted this unconventional, rule-breaking song using her own detuned 808s and Ableton Live sessions with over 200 tracks in order to satirize the pop aesthetic," she goes on to share.

KAYLS believes that she doesn't fit in, and in a male-dominated industry, this can certainly be true. But feeling like an outsider won't stop her from continuing to seek out skilled female production teams and providing new perspectives in the music industry. This is just the first stop in a bigger mission for the rising artist.  

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