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Gus Dapperton releases new reflective and intimate song "Post Humorous" [Video]

Describing himself as a “producer first and foremost”, New York-based artist, Gus Dapperton is known for his genre-bending music and his new song "Post Humorous" is no different. After gaining traction from his viral hit singles “Prune, You Talk Funny” and “I’m Just Snacking” in 2017, Dapperton has continued to release a new project every year since. His new song, “Post Humorous”, is a feature single from his upcoming second album Orca and is a pure masterclass in breaking musical conventions.

Pairing a light sunny production with deeply personal and saddening lyrics, Dapperton skillfully juxtaposes the two, illustrating the outside facade of happiness the subject of the song puts on compared to the internal struggle he faces. Dapperton shines in these deeply personal and reflective songs using the creative process as a form of therapy. He commented on this very topic in an Instagram post saying, "I don’t always make music to heal my own wounds but when I’m able to do so and reflect on those feelings, it’s a really gratifying feeling. It’s really gratifying to lock those demons away in a sonic form and access them at will whenever". The listener comes along this journey into the inner thoughts of Dapperton and by the end of the song comes out too questioning the "unstoppable forces around" us. 

Dapperton has continued to prove his immense musical talent to listeners over the past few months and with his new album releasing this year listeners are sure to be hearing more of him soon. 

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