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Aaron Smith releases self-reflective track "Your Turn Now" off of upcoming EP

Oftentimes, listening to emotionally-charged music is the saving grace for many if during these uncertain times. Thankfully, many artists have continued to deliver. The latest example is Aaron Smith. His new single “Your Turn Now” is the soft, calm sound we’ve come to expect from the Scottish artist. 

For Smith, “Your Turn Now” is a heart-breaking reflection on the emotional abuse and manipulation he experienced in his childhood. However, it’s music that he hopes anyone can listen to and extract their own meaning from. The song is the second release off his upcoming EP For My Father, which title points to the entire collection being reflective of the artist’s past. Lyrics aside, the instrumental choice for this track in particular is perfect. Just a single background piano forces Smith’s vocals into the spotlight. They are easily carried by that piano, which continually grows in strength as his voice does throughout.  Smith’s spring single “Brother” was another example of his knack for penning softly flowing, beautiful rhythms that encourage self-reflection in the listener, just as they do for the artist who wrote them. It's safe to expect the whole EP to do the same. 

For My Father is expected July 31st.

Connect with Aaron Smith: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify



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