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BeatLove revamps avant-garde eletronica on 'Avian Heart'

Benjamín Jiménez & Myriam Fernández known collective as BeatLove just dropped their last offering Avian Heart via the Spanish label Beautiful Accident. A mini-LP comprised of six tunes covering a diverse range of musical influences at times chillout, at times clubby but stamped with originality and a distinct sonic palette.

The duo kept a constant release schedule releasing three EPs shining into the music scene with their debut full-length Interference from 2014. Avian Heart encapsulates a natural evolution in their songwriting and production skills. The album cover features the work of Urban artist Wild Welva and it was painted in a real wall like canvas before it was transformed into a digital image.

The first track “Avian Heart” sets the mood and creates anticipation and curiosity to keep listening and discover where this sonic voyage will catapult your aural senses. Next in line is “Ahead” a relaxing trip into the realms of a galactic forest highlighting influences of ethereal techno and the new school of house music coming from Latin countries such as Colombia and Ecuador.

Midway through, the journey continues with “Hourglass” the highlight of the mini-LP where creativity and sound fusion take place. Futuristic percussive hits, atmospheric pads and pitched shifted uttered slices combined with deep techno stabs and mellifluous synth lines project an introspective mood suitable for spacing out in a cold winter afternoon.

As time goes on just like the earth keeps moving, the energy starts to shift in “Human Concept” with the mellow voice of Myriam Fernández. “We are so beautiful, sonly, so good, we are for you” marks the beginning of the first drop where friskily hi-hat patterns and deep sub frequency textures move the tune along until the breakdown. An arpeggiated sequence combined with some hypnotic filtered rhythmic patterns transports the listener to a gloomy warehouse located in a utopic reality.  

Just like life itself that is fragile and time-sensitive, the experience comes to an end with “Turn The Knob” cementing BeatLove as an innovative act not afraid to experiment with unusual arrangements and a diverse range of influences that meld into music that moves the needle.

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