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Zach Zoya’s “Slurpee” is a cold treat for the ears [Video]

Emerging artist Zach Zoya has released his latest single, “Slurpee” along with an entertaining new music video. The Canadian rapper successfully balances not taking himself too seriously while also showcasing his effortless rhyme talent. From the articulate visuals to the seamless choreography, “Slurpee” is a well-organized release that competes with some of the top names in hip-hop.

All verses on this track are short and quick but pack a punch. Zoya raps, “I want the money, the fame and the view from the house in the valley. I cannot wait for divine intervention, I’ma do without it.” The listener can feel the energy and ambition within his flow. His verses are fast yet calculated and the effortless vocal delivery highlights the rapper’s stamina. The trap beat extenuates these verses, pausing to allow for Zoya’s quick and composed bars then dropping again to continue the high-pace energy. 

The intensity shown on “Slurpee” sets the tone for the artist’s highly anticipated project, Spectrum, which is scheduled to release later this year. Zoya has garnered positive attention around Canada, captivating festival attendees, and building a loyal following on social media. Anticipate Zach Zoya becoming a key player in mainstream hip-hop and one that's here to stay.

Connect with Zach Zoya: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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