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Kiara and Yayo Brinks are full "INDE" [Video]

Charlotte, NC rapper Kiara teams up with fellow rapper Yayo Brinks for a booming collaborative single titled "INDE."  The track is part ode to being free of the shackles of the industry and part ode to female empowerment. 

Backed by an open 808 driven production, Kiara proclaims her independence with pride with bravado and unrestrained feistiness into the mix.  Lyrics like: "...super slick, ain't a nann hoe can check me, don't need to check the time 'cos a bitch stay ready/ slim waist, nice ass that can move like jelly..." is just one of the many quips she fires off with fiery and cheeky intent. It's obvious Kiara can hold her own but I must admit Yayo Brinks didn't just come to play and joins the lyrical assault with her machine-gun flow. Right from the gate, she hits the male groupies below the belt with lines like, "Let me be real if I text I love you, must have sent a typo..." and even pays homage to the lead star and the current lockdown with, "...don't push my girl Kiara, know that bitch go fucking psycho/ don't recommend you can try it/ shutting shit down like the virus..."  The chemistry is there and these two sure know how to have a good time as seen in the accompanying music video. Simple and straight to the point performance shots with some good old twerking to keep the haters hating plays poetically against the self-empowering themes. 

"INDE" is Kiara's follow up to the hard-hitting cut "Ape Shyt," both produced by IGOT20ONMYBEAT. Get "INDE" on Spotify and Apple Music.


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