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Take a digital getaway with Ymisonice’s 'Blueboy' [Video]

Hip-hop artist Ymisonice showcases his artistic capabilities with the Blueboy teaser and features artwork designed by the multi-talented artist himself. The well-rounded project is an effective response to quarantine with a virtual showcase of talent, but also an uncommon approach to the hip-hop genre.

The unique aspect of the teaser is the perfect promotion for the rapper’s style. Blueboy takes the listener on a getaway using Calypso beats mixed with a Latin rap undertone. But each song on the project has a different sound, yet concise influence all its own.

Standout tracks like “Junglish” sets the tone for the project with melodic drums and faint birds chirping over the chorus. This single also demonstrates Ymisonice’s use of structured verses and timing to allow the reggae trap beat to shine. The Latin inspired “Culo Grande” toggles between Spanish and English with an upbeat and fast-paced rhythm. The hook is the catchiest of all the songs on Blueboy. The repetitiveness of "Ay caramba ay mami" rolls off the tongue and embeds itself in the brain along with the xylophone harmony. Both the opening and ending tracks share the same beat, with “Blue Goodbye” featuring female vocals. Following the teaser’s visual theme, listeners experience the artistry in order from beginning to end with distinct sounds in each piece.

Ymisonice creates a vacation for the ears along with a visually appealing aesthetic to promote the release.

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Hip-Hop · Tropical House


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