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IYES and LELE look to "Change Your Mind" on latest single

IYES define themselves on social media as nothing else but a "Human Pop Machine," and a quick browse through there back catalogue irrefutably confirms this. The Berlin and London-based group have spent the past few years plying their ever-expanding audience with one unique pop project after another. They are hitting a new stride in 2020 with their second single of the year, "Change Your Mind."

IVES' previous single "Thunderstorm" introduced singer-songwriter and fellow Londoner LELE (pictured) and her uniquely sugary voice the world, and the follow up sees them collaborate once again to further avail. "Change Your Mind" adds themes of pop-rock and indie dance into the mix by forgoing some of the fiery dance floor aesthetics from the previous single for a healthy dose of stadium-sized, indie-pop anthemia.

LELE's luminescent voice establishes the feel-good energy of the track from the offset, as an acoustic guitar charmingly steers the melody towards the chorus. If you weren't convinced already, this chorus may indeed, "Change Your Mind;" led by an earworm crowd vocal melody and underpinned by a buoyant, driving rhythm, IYES and LELE undeniably have another hit on their hands.

Connect with IYES: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Connect with LELE: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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