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Zanski heads out on a journey of self discovery on his 'Upon Frigid Water' EP

Toronto-based producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zanski releases his new EP Upon Frigid Water. Pulling together a five-track project that delves into the depths of self-discovery, Zanski's eye for minute detail crafts an indulgent listen from  start to finish. 

Opener "Hauntology" is a bubbly, visceral track that explores existential anxiety. With synthetic funky additions and hearty guitar lines, the track effuses a glistening soundscape laced with lo-fi beats. On "Threes", Zanski explores his R&B sound with underscoring fuzzy lines. With piano sequences also adding to the textures, the track showcases Zanski's abundance of influences. Featuring funky rhythms that cause some serious head-bopping, "Organ Failure" captivates its listener with its depths of sound. Drawing on indie-pop traits, the waviness and harmonised vocals produce one of the best tracks on the EP. It's a masterpiece in pop hybridity.

Previous single "Consequence" proves to be an even better experience when surrounded by the other tracks. Whilst the EP closer and title track "Upon Frigid Water" features delicate free-flowing melodies, its soothing guitar plucks and combination of future electronics leave us captivated. "Upon Frigid Water" is a subtle comedown following the mixture of emotions told throughout the rest of the EP. 

When discussing the EP, Zanski shares, I want to cultivate a sense of understanding around people who are looking for answers and let them know that they are not alone in the journey. I want people to form their own interpretations and conclusions, and feel as though they have gained something real from it.

Mixing a variety of layers of R&B, indie and post-psychedelia, Zanski has created a pop-leading EP bursting with a kaleidoscopic of sound. Awash with summery hues and carefree rhythms, Upon Frigid Water is an EP daring to display who Zanski is as an artist. Unafraid to blur genres and smash genre categorisation into pieces, this is a collection of songs to idolise.

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