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Adam Garrett returns with the highly infectious "Don't Keep Up"

Ireland's Adam Garrett is ready to come out of the shadows again. After spending the past three years contributing as a songwriter, producer, and even instrumentalist to multiple Dublin acts, he humbly reclaims the spotlight with the release of his new single, "Don't Keep Up."

His first to be released under the fledgling independent label andfriends records, "Don't Keep Up" is a shining cut of rosy summer moments rolled up into one sonic explosion. During the writing process for his new upcoming project, Garrett found himself gravitating toward a "particular night [he] had ages ago—grabbing snippets of strange chats or moments," making them come to life on the disco-inspired composition. 

The rolling bass line plays like a smooth Sade song, as his ardent falsetto moves through the scattered lyrics with sharp precision, fitting pieces of the puzzle one verse at a time. Completing the picture with funky guitar riffs and shimmering effects, Garrett seems adamant to prove that his production skills aren't only limited to his more recent work with hip-hop and folk artists. There is a kaleidoscope of sound just bubbling under the surface, and only he seems to know just how to dig it out for all the world to hear. 

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Alternative · Funk · Indie Pop


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