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seeyousoon drop abrasive banger "Shut Up" [Video]

Florida hip-hop collective seeyousoon have just released a hard-hitting and staggering new track "Shut Up." This striking effort marks another successful attempt for seeyousoon, whose recent slew of jams have been gaining popularity over the past few months. Each track has proven to be more captivating than the last, with their previous song "Blue Chord" bringing vibrant dance tones and a charming Zoom call music video. On "Shut Up," however, the up-and-comers opt for raw, cutting edge hip-hop, resulting in a boldly unapologetic heater.

seeyousoon's newest work is a graceful and proud middle finger to anyone and everyone. It bounces around with an unrelenting pace with room for sharp and brief verses from the different members. If you blink, you might miss the lightning in a bottle that the group has captured here, as the witty bars and wild flows fly around in a brilliant organized chaos.

The most constant and grounding sequence comes at the end of the track, with the angry repeated screams of "shut the fuck up." It's a fitting way to conclude the hectic and kaleidoscope of sound. The instrumental is drawn down to a minimal level, graciously opening up the floor for the eccentric flows of the vocalists. The urgent yet faint beat ticks and whirs along with a menacing suspicion, begging for someone to misbehave over it.

Much like the rest of seeyousoon's consistent discography, "Shut Up" unites these uncompromising elements effortlessly. The finished product is a must for any hip-hop head looking for an off the wall banger. Confidence and skill overflow here, leaving any naysayers to please refer to the track's title.

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