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Ted Jasper offers soothing grooves on latest single "Higher Plain"

Ted Jasper continues to carve out his own unique lane in the music industry, and it’s one that absolutely deserves attention. The U.K. producer and vocalist has developed an organic, beat-driven aesthetic that features glimpses of diverse influences while not sounding quite like anything else. Jasper’s latest single “Higher Plain” showcases his continued development as an artist with understated and impeccably tasteful sensibilities.

Inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita, “Higher Plain” begins with some delicate piano chords that outline the song’s underlying harmonies. As he has been known to do in his previous work, Jasper expertly blends electronic and acoustic elements on the track, with the piano soon giving way to an energetic yet soothing beat with simple percussion and a bubbly synth bass line. Without an abundance of harmonic variation, he keeps things interesting with his knack for melodies, impactful arranging, and creative use of vocal layering in the production, resulting in engrossing and captivating soundscapes. Without being overly flashy, “Higher Plain” shows that Ted Jasper is a formidable artist worth following.

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Alternative R&B · Electronic · Feature · U.K.


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