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Ania paints the town vibrant with new single "Poison" [Video]

“Do you believe in rock and roll? Can music save your mortal soul?” a New Rochelle, New York man once said, and there is reason to believe him when one listens to the mighty guitar riffs of Chicago/L.A. lady Ania’s in her new single “Poison.” This talented singer-songwriter is etching her brand of sweet acid rock onto the surface of a year that continues its distorted path and is making it all the more interesting, all the more bearable. In “Poison,” Ania finds her groove with flourishing synth embellishments, a steady rhythm, and lingering vocals that produce an ambiance to get lost in.

The music video for “Poison” is the new attraction for the single, which first debuted in April. In the colorful short film, Ania’s finger dexterity with an electric guitar is in full view, drenched in tints of psychedelic colors that jump at you unapologetically. The cityscape in the video is just as vibrant; the mood and filters dance between romantic and sinister—what could be more rock and roll than that? There is in Ania’s vocals a slickness that slips you right into her overdriven guitar solos so serrated and fluidity to her music that can penetrate rock and pop with ease.

Polish-born Ania has made a home in the United States, but most importantly, in the residence of music that represents the spirit of ‘60s psychedelia all the way to modern indie-pop and offers weary souls something to lean on. “Poison” is a blend of those styles that throughout the decades encouraged escapism, mental cleansing, and complete euphoric worship of six strings ringing the hymns of whatever one calls salvation.

Photo Credit: David Grave

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