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Jay Hollywood shows us his versatility on ‘Thee Quarantine Pack’

Jay Hollywood’s latest EP, Thee Quarantine Pack is a quick and easy listen perfect for a socially distanced kick-back or a late night in quarantine. The project is simplicity at its finest. Hollywood encapsulates hip-hop and R&B with a back-to-basics approach through chill beats and rhythmic verses. Standout tracks on the EP include “After Rona,” “Midnight Club DUB,” and “Thee O’s Freestyle.”

Hollywood’s sound is a mix of simple bops and more intricate freestyles. All eight tracks are reminiscent of classic west coast rap and the G Funk era. “The Goodbye DUB” is the most uncommon track on the project with soulful vocals and a multi-layered tempo. The track features a chant-style rap similar to that of A$AP Rocky. “Midnight Club DUB” shows listeners his abilities as a rapper over a straightforward beat. He raps, “Learn from my mistakes, but it’s ok if you didn't. Don’t care where you start, it’s about where you finish.” Subtle positivity is rare to hear in the industry.

Aside from his DMV roots, the artist’s sound is a melting pot of influence from many different aspects of music. His effortless ability to combine pieces of genres and artists in cohesion is an unusual talent. Listeners can appreciate the fundamental approach of this project.

Connect with Jay Hollywood: Instagram | SoundCloud

Atmospheric · Hip-Hop


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