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Ida Divine rides an emotional rollercoaster on the single "Cyclone"

I've never been mistaken for an especially profound or empathetic individual. But I’m fairly certain that the "person" that we're listening to in Ida Divine's new single “Cyclone” isn't actually a person at all. In a very real way, it feels as if the Brooklyn based artist/warrior has given a voice to those bodiless insecurities that build up inside us all when we hold on to hurt.

To be clear, the song itself is a beautifully soulful number that will make you want to grab your sweet thing close and slow grind the evening away. But when the powerhouse vocalist sings lines like “Let’s be clear…they don’t care…that’s what I said/Life goes on…so don’t you fear…it’s all in your head”, the words are peppered with a sense of disenchantment and guardedness that adds a layer of bittersweet beauty to the moving tune. We feel it deeply when the singer digs in her heels, defiantly sings away her pain, and regains a hard-won feeling of control. 

When asked about the single, Ida reveals that it was "...written from a dream about being on the Coney Island Cyclone and the ride wouldn't stop! I was the only passenger. It was fun but also scary as fuck." The singer goes on to add "I have these insecure feelings and this is where the lyrics come from. Feeling insecure and uneasy, like being on a rollercoaster."

If you sit with it long enough, "Cyclone" not only offers a very revealing glimpse into the heart of Ida Divine but also ourselves and how each of us deals with fear.  Powerful stuff, no doubt.

"Cyclone" is available now on all streaming services

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