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R3D is in his zone on new single "Zone Out"

Dublin rapper, DJ, and producer R3D has returned with his first release of 2020"Zone Out." After a pretty successful debut year in 2019 and a new project on the way, lets find out what R3D has to offer during these dark times. 

R3D has built his name on the Irish scene as the DJ for rap/pop duo Tebi Rex. After dabbling with production and a couple of guest spots on Tebi's records, R3D made his rap debut on his 2019 release "That's The Point" and was met with acclaim from the Irish hip-hop community as a whole. 

After teasing and building anticipation for months, it seems R3D is now ready to make a big splash this year and "Zone Out" is the first step in that masterplan. The Foxy Baba assisted record is a bouncy R&B cut featuring haunting vocals, trap drums, and acoustic guitar licks. The bass is knocking and the cinematic sound palette create a moody experience for the listener. 

R3D perfectly sits in pocket with stellar flows and simplistic but creative wordplay. The tinge of melodic switches throughout the song and the catchy chorus create a visceral listening experience. You can picture red neon lights and dimly lit hotel rooms as R3D looks back through his memoirs of lovers past and what the future holds. 

We mentioned a masterplan above and that's exactly what R3D is in the midst of. He has been very active in promoting his debut project, titled the R3d Tape which is due out very soon with a documentary to match it. We are extremely excited to see where one of the hottest new acts coming out of Ireland is going to take us in 2020. 

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