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The Holy Knives team up with Jamie Hince of The Kills on "Always Gone"

Brothers Kyle and Kody Valentine comprise acclaimed rock duo The Holy Knives.  Mixing warm, layered vocals with western swing and dark rock basslines, the band has built a loyal following with their relentless touring and emotive releases. Their latest single, "Always Gone" touches upon the spontaneity that love brings and with that the often careless decisions that are made because of it.

The new single is remixed by the one and only Jamie Hince of The Kills. Hince took the original down-tempo tune and brought a robust Bristol tinged trip-hop sound. The result is a dark country rock banger complete with 90s electro pop sensibility. Kyle Valentine confides, "Love is a box that is automatic to open but very hard to close. When we fall in love with someone or something, we usually aren't thinking about where it will lead years down the line, we just know we want it more than anything in that moment."  

The Holy Knives draw inspiration from the likes of The Arctic Monkeys, Portishead and Johnny Cash. The duo believe music is a form of escapism and hope their listeners can get lost in their dreamy rock releases. 

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