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Trade Secrets bask in the “Burning Daylight” in cinematic new single 

Trade Secrets drop their latest euphoric listening experience “Burning Daylight”—a new song that evokes the feeling of hopping in the DeLorean time machine and transporting to another dimension. Bursting with kaleidoscopic synths and cascading melodies the track is another example of the band’s ability to blend past and present to create an other-worldy electronic sound with nostalgic undertones. Distorted, layered vocals, fast-paced drum machines and twinkling keys provide a mesmerizing backdrop. Narrating partying into the early hours and letting go of any hesitations, “Burning Daylight” emphasizes living in the moment and not holding back.  

Band member Mike Venezia shares in their press release, “Sonically, this new body of work focuses more on space, texture, tension and release, all leading to a more dynamic, dramatic effect.” Trade Secrets was founded and formed by multi-instrumentalist F.J. DeSanto in 2015. Prevailing in their ethos of crafting music with no boundaries, unlike anything you’ve heard before, their unique fusion of worlds allow listeners to go on a journey with the band, discovering a whole new plethora of soundscapes to please the soul and mind. 

"Burning Daylight" is off of their upcoming EP THESE OTHER LIVES PART ONE. 

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