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rum.gold unveils thougtful new croon "Fix Me"

rum.gold has just released a poignant single "Fix Me," a gentle work of acoustic balladry that carries the weight of the world on its shoulders. This soft croon comes soon after the sultry vocalist 's 2020 EP aiMless as well as his 2019 EP yaRn, both of which are expansive and tranquil efforts that showcase the raw elegance of his voice. His recent output has clearly not stopped him from sharing his unique perspective, as the record comes out on Juneteenth for a world in turmoil. The meditative approach on "Fix Me" is a comforting, yet daunting one—its ability to let itself breath is incredibly important during this time.

Referred to by rum.gold as an "acoustic sketch," "Fix Me" is truly a product of the moment it was conceived in, a snapshot of the world at large. In its lyrics, rum.gold conveys the deeply melancholic existential dread that has come to the surface since the death of George Floyd. He questions his own condition and the path to change, ringing with raw honesty. There's truly no more perfect vessel to carry these words than rum.gold's incredibly powerful voice. It's as smooth and rich as they come, reminiscent of the soft, high pitched wails that Moses Sumney has built a legacy on.

More importantly, rum.gold's voice aches and creeks with a genuine pain and a desperate desire for peace; there is no disputing his authenticity. The exquisite vocal work here is matched well with a soft guitar instrumental, which chimes along just enough to fill the moments of emptiness. This stunning effort from rum.gold plays out as an intimate therapy session, an essential listen for anyone looking for answers to this painful year.

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