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Dance Lessons is tasteful in new single "New Job" [Video]

London’s tasteful trio Dance Lessons has a new single titled “New Job” that smacks of beauty and tragedy: the music video for the upbeat indie-pop track is a dance-delight number, vibrant and gorgeous, set in quarantined Los Angeles. Within the deserted streets of the city still linger wandering spirits, possessed by the rhythms of a song that never loses its sophistication, infused in each subtle snare hit and untroubled chorus. Dance Lessons is announcing itself to a world that desires connectivity and emotion more than ever.

Performed and choreographed by Gbari ‘GQ’ Gilliam and Shantel Ureña, the music video for “New Job” is a dance interpretation that collects the various emotions of the times in its performance, each move open to interpretation, encompassing friendship, maybe romance, or perhaps simply the joy of being human together. For lead singer Ann, the single speaks to something familiar to all: “The song shows the similarities in perspective of two people post-breakup, both using distractions to mask the sadness.” The mask, if there at all, is a good one as “New Job” is rich with harmonies and dance-club-ready beats that ooze positivity. The backdrop, bare of humans as it is, shines beautifully in each shot.

Dance Lessons waltzed its way into the pop music landscape with its classy single “SMABTO,” and now, at center stage, it delivers in “New Job” a tasteful number that is both personal and reflective of a collective desire for normalcy both in the world around us and within us. The message the group is sending is loud and clear and sounds so good; the train on this group is speeding up with each hot track, so if you’re on, you know, if you’re not, hurry and come on up.

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