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Her Songs looks toward a brighter future on "Lost A Little"

For a group with members all over the globe, Her Songs has been prolific as of late. The uniquely constructed and incredibly talented collective has released a new single entitled “Lost A Little,” which is the first preview of their forthcoming EP Toronto Vol. 2. Resulting from a recording session in Toronto in 2019, the new track follows Toronto Vol. 1 and continues to show why the combination of Marie Dahlstrøm, Emmavie, Emily C. Browning, Dani Murica, and The Naked Eye creates a special chemistry the leads to endearing, soulful music that is well suited for unsure times.

With pristine production that features a gently throbbing groove and rhythmic chordal pads from Browning and Dahlstrøm, each of the artists get their moment in the spotlight, underscoring the group’s emphasis on collaboration and community. The song’s lyrics communicate a sense of hope, looking toward a future of continued growth and discovery. The sentiment is highlighted in the catchy hooks with the words, “I wanna go where the leaves don’t fall / travel to places that I don’t know.” With their stellar musicianship and style on full display, “Lost A Little” provides us with some uplifting energy from Her Songs that is certainly welcome at the present moment.

"Lost A Little" is available to stream or download here.

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Alt-Pop · Feature · R&B


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