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King Braize wants you to "Inspire Yourself" [Video]

King Braize releases a new chilling single titled "Inspire Yourself." This Newark, New Jersey rapper, songwriter, and poet leaves us feeling filled with motivated after listening to the intriguing elements of the song.


King Braize began his music career at the early age of 12. To date, he has released 8 projects, which include 2 albums, an EP, and 5 mixtapes. Feeling the passion in all of his music, it is no surprise that "Inspire Yourself" brings that same energy to the table. He has a powerful message to get across to anyone who listens and he does this through beautiful lyrics and wordplay. Intelligently putting words together to create a profound message, one to inspire themselves because there are many gems inside of all of us that we can use to bring any dream into fruition, just like Braize shows he did.

Throughout the coordinating video, Braize introduces us to his studio that he's been wanting to build since he was young. Wisely intertwining the manifesting of his dreams into the visual, we are inspired to chase our own. The calming beats combined with the songwriting make for the perfect ingredients that give everyone the strength needed to keep going when times get tough. Press play if you're feeling any kind of self-doubt and it will quickly get eliminated. 

Connect with King Braize: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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