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5an lights up the weekend with new EP "SLAYER"

Orlando-based artist 5an kicked off the weekend with the release of her new EP SLAYER. Following up from her 2019 mixtape The Art House, the 8-track project explores 5an's lyrical and vocal skills.

Describing her sound as "molly music" SLAYER intertwines hazy production with high-pitched autotune. Keeping things on the surface strays away from complex lyricism and delivers boastful bars instead. Cuts like "OXY" and "See None" put the singer-rapper in her element with braggadocious bars filled with money, clothes, and of course the ladies. Where there is room for more cohesion between transitions and production, SLAYER is a solid follow-up to her last release.

Starting from just a laptop and a mic, 5an is starting to pick up some momentum. After releasing "FABO" and "GREEN (333)" in 2019, she was able to gain a following in preparation for the new release. Now with SLAYER under her belt, hopefully, there's more in store 5an.

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