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Asia laments lost love on "Something to Do"

Every now and again you come across an artist that delivers their music with such conviction, it's as if they were put on this planet to for music alone. Brussels-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Asia has a creative maturity far exceeding her humble twenty years of age, and she proves it again with "Something to Do," the second taste of her debut album.

With her distinct vocal, "Something to Do" fast establishes her harmonious storytelling as the main focus. Gentle guitars flesh out the track as her vocal presence elicits a chilling, almost ethereal quality thanks to a masterfully executed vocal layer. Lamenting on the complexities of modern love, Asia almost sounds emotionally exasperated as softly marching drums and moving strings are introduced to maintain the tracks slowly burning, yet gripping energy.

It might be shocking, but Asia only picked up a guitar for the first time a few years ago. Her debut EP was released not long after she left high school, and it's clear that this inspired new talent has a bright future ahead. Keep your eyes peeled for Asia's debut album, landing 2021.

"Something to Do" is out now via Lanewood Records.

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