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CHINWE unveils eerie single "Sin"

Soulful vocalist CHINWE has just gifted us with a soundtrack to summer heartbreak with her new single "Sin." The melancholic track is CHINWE's second this year following the crooning "Oh Love" in January and her debut song "Blue" from 2019. Though still an early work in her career, this third single from CHINWE is dripping with passion and personality. "Sin" is a painfully honest and vulnerable effort that is indicative of an artist overflowing with potential and slowly but surely beginning to master her craft.

"Sin," is a mysterious and dark soundscape that details a relationship on the rocks. The pain and regret in the lyrics indicate severe romantic desperation, maybe even damage that is irreparable. These piercing words are carried eloquently by CHINWE's beautifully empty voice, which has a strong wear and resilience to it. Her voice rings with the complete emotional sincerity, creaking along like it's making a confession.

Instrumentally, the scene is filled with dark guitar strokes, faint drums, and daunting vocal hums. Like a creepy fever dream, it progressively develops in mood and scale, later bringing in deep synths and marimba rings. The entire instrumental effort is perfectly fitting with the vocal performance. It staggers along at a steadily chilling pace, setting a stark tone for the croons and wails of CHINWE's voice. For a two minute track, "Sin" is quite the immersive and captivating mood, one that is hard to forget once felt.

Another striking and atmospheric track, "Sin" puts CHINWE and her unique voice at two for two in 2020. It further develops her intriguing creative depth and gives some profound emotion to marinate on.  This kind of openness and transparency is a rarity that should be charished.

Connect with CHINWE: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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