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YB raps to us through God's "Grace"

Arousing our curiosity, YB just released an extremely intriguing new track "Grace." This Christian hip-hop artist from Arkansas delivers a godly and unique message through this ethereal new track.  
After releasing a Christian-focused album last year that peaked to #17 on iTunes Gospel charts, YB finally returns with another single that leaves his fans praising the heavens. "Grace" is something that we don't hear every day. Mixing classic hip-hop beats with his intense faith-driven songwriting creates an ultimately captivating effect. The lively beats drive the high-energy rhythm of the track that makes you want to bop your head or get up and dance. At the same time, sonically, there is a softness that gives off a feeling of peace and tranquility. This perfect sound mixed with the uplifting lyrics are a powerful dynamic for us to fall in love with. YB undeniably is making faith in music cool again. Press play and rap along to a prayer. 
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