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SAEED raps about a “Mamacita” in new single

Chicago rapper, SAEED has released, “Mamacita”, a single which features him calling out a “cute Mamacita” who turned out to be a gold digger and manipulator. In the mid-tempo song, he keeps it short and real. Describing her in the hook, he sings “She got the fire/ Hot like a diva/ But you ain’t about shit.” The 20-year-old singer’s words are like fire and ice at the same time and his flow is perfect for a late night drive playlist.

Describing his thought process while making the song, he said, “While creating Mamacita, I wanted to capture a relatable vibe.” He also added, “The best thing about this song is the irony behind it. You praise an individual however, still highlight the fact that they ain’t shit. Mamacita is someone who doesn’t deserve a spot in the club no more”

Although an emerging artist, SAEED has been on a roll this year. He released his debut EP My Unorthodox Love in February and has continued to release visual materials and new singles to keep his audience entertained. Similar to most songs on the project, “Mamacita” is another song inspired by real life experiences. SAEED (who also goes by Saheed Falomo) is a singer, songwriter, and producer to look out for.

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