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Alex Siegel & Westerns unite on pertinent new single “There’s No Other”

LA-based singer-songwriter Alex Siegel and NY/LA songwriter-producer Westerns reunite on their second collaboration with “There’s No Other.” The duo’s first effort together was the December 2019 released single “Everything Turns.”

"There's No Other” is a tender, sentimental track capturing the summery haze of 70's California songwriting. With striking guitars and refined vocals, the track is also strengthened by the expressive of tale of love and human connection. Dream-pop artist Alex Siegel’s undeniably kind and pensive vocals will draw listeners in instantly. Westerns is at work with a multitude of attractions including a healthy blend of light drums, soft keys, and flourishing synths that will easily beguile listeners on this pleasing journey. With an ear-catching resonance and a sentiment leaning on society’s stressful climate, “There’s No Other” is an impactful jaunt of both sonic and lyrical explorations.

Over email Westerns (Josh Meer) and Siegel shared this about their single, “Like with our first track together, ‘There's No Other’ similarly came about in 3-4 weeks time from start to finish. We aimed for a mix of throwback textures while ensuring it could still hold up next to more modern tracks. It was a great experience to work together in the same room, and even more so now that it's unknown when we will get to cook up again together! The track has a melancholy, yet hopeful energy that we hope resonates with people during this truly strange time.”

The two artist/producers met online and began working remotely, passing tracks back and forth and recording ideas in their own studios on opposite coasts. “There's No Other” follows Westerns solo effort "Can't Get You” released last month while the new track represents Siegel’s debut for 2020.

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