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Samyell infuses jazzy beats and R&B rhythms on “Lose Yourself”

When you grow up on a heavy dose of M.J. Prince, Babyface, Timbaland, and Pharrell, the evolution of your sound most certainly will reflect an eclectic mix of influences. This was the case for Oakland, California native Samyell, who cites his musical guides as the driving force for his funky blend of jazzy beats and R&B anthems. Samyell is new to the music scene, having just released his new single "Lose Yourself". The track gives off a jazzy downtown feeling, something that makes your head want to bop along, while also creating a track that could work for a daytime festival set. A unique flair for Samyell exists here, the vibe is something kind of like if Anderson .Paak linked up with Trey Songz. 

Samyell shares over email, "Naturally when I heard the instrumental it gave me a jazzy downtown sort of feeling which then led me to think of experiences in the nightlife setting of socialites and the club scene." The lyrics are a reflective look at the false promises of the Hollywood dream, reminding himself over and over "not to lose" himself... Samyell does a nice job of painting a picture through his use of instrumentals and the overall mood the track's atmosphere gives off. On one hand it's shiny like Hollywood and on the other just a little rough around the edges. 
Outside of the music-making industry, one of the cool facts we learned about Samyell is that when he's not making music he runs a not-for-profit organization, teaching art and music culture in the communities in Sacramento, California, going on to share, "I feel like I’ve been moving through life with a superpower I keep forgetting I have and meant to share with the world. I love creating in all aspects, cooking, organizing and planning group, entertainment, community events". Stay up to speed on Samyell as he continues to pursue both his own projects and ones that help inspire and uplift others as well. 

Connect with Samyell: Soundcloud | Spotify

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