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Feel Rowlan's raw emotion on "Closure"

Rowlan releases a flood of emotion in his new passionate track "Closure." This rapper born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, gives us a taste of some music to tune to if we are in the mood to do some healing and internal reflecting.
The heartfelt lyrics and the enchanting production in "Closure" are what makes it moving to its core. Through the intense lyrics, Rowlan uses poetry to show how he does not want the situation with his lover to end. Cleverly tying this message with a catchy hook, he creates something that we can vibe to.  While he intelligently delivers through flawless flow, the pain and the conflict in his voice are clear. This gives us a unique experience, both allowing us to feel his raw emotion and peace at the same time. Combined with ethereal beats that support the divine love that this artist raps about, he elevates high and spiritually releases the kind of love that lives inside of him. 
Connect with Rowlan: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram 


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