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Maribou State releases full fabric presents mix

Maribou State is getting their time in the spotlight, joining famed London brand fabric for their official contribution to its fabric presents mix series. With the mix including originals like that of its lead single from Oriyin, the mix also includes a to be sought after cut of their own. The mix itself proceeds like any good music experience does, building energy as it settles in. In a remix of Radiohead's 2007 track "Reckoner" from their album In Rainbows, the guys take us on a trip through sounds appropriate for everything from happy hour, the club, or dare we say, sheltering at home.
The territory that's been covered on this mix is a direct reflection of Maribou State's own music tastes and what inspires their production and live electronic shows, as well as albums like Kingdoms In Colour that was released in 2018. It's this love of disco, funk, the soul of yesteryear filtered through a lens of modernism that makes them, and this mix, unique. This feature follows the release of their single "Mother" earlier this year.

Connect with Maribou State: SoundCloud | Facebook



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