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LATASHA 's "Who I Am" is a complete transformation for this eclectic artist

If "Glo Up (Remix)" was the beginning of Latasha's transformation, her new song/video "Who I Am" is the end product that solidifies her artistry. When she starts off with "..This is who I am, this is what I do/ This is who I am, who the fuck are you...' you already know she has already leveled up and has attained her full form.

She makes the thumping electronic-infused backdrop by producer Jim Bianco her canvas on which she paints the picture of someone who is brimming with empowerment, pride, and integrity. The performance lets go of all constraints holding her back as she boldly states "...Ain't no contracts, it's full stacks, I'm out of the Matrix..." adding credence to her renewed spirit of self-love and glow. Absolutely no fucks were given to the naysayers in "Who I Am" as Latasha is ready for the smoke.


The visuals for "Who I Am" helps accentuate the theme of the song and it's carefully crafted with subtle details that make up the bigger picture. Inspired by Wes Anderson and Ari Aster films, Latasha and her production team  Lytehaus Media fuse off-kilter high fashion and abstract cinematic aesthetics. Latasha brings her unique energy as well, shifting the narrative of the confident woman who has gone through wins, failures, deaths, and rebirths to a whole new plateau. 

Get "Who I Am"  on Soundcloud, Deezer, and Spotify.

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