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Maryze shares the hazy visuals for lo-fi single "Dis-Moi" [Video]

Bilingual beauty Maryze shares the arthouse thriller-inspired visuals for the all-French single "Dis-Moi". Featuring dreamy 80s synths, the track explores the effects of mental health on self-love, relationships and sexuality. 

Working alongside Paris-based director Amanda Louise Macchia, the visuals feature footage from Dario Argento's supernatural horror classics Suspiria and Inferno. First featured in her 2019 EP, "Dis-Moi" is a tantalizing exhibition into the creativity of Maryze as a visual artist. With hints of home-video-style clips, the personal touch to this video is hauntingly beautiful. Plus, the flow of French is so sleek, you might just melt into the arms of this Montreal artist.

"We shot the video on a freezing night in Toronto under pink neons - it already kind of felt like a delirious dream" explains Maryze. "'Dis-Moi' is about wanting to open up to the people we love about our demons, but worrying it will be too heavy for them." Acting as a reminder that no matter how low we may feel, it's always a great idea to reach out to those who can help us, even if it's just to watch classic, arty horror films. In Maryze we trust.

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