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Desert Sound Colony pulls out all the stops in his latest EP

After a small hiatus from releasing on his own label, Desert Sound Colony has returned to Holding Hands with a bang. The Bruce EP travels through the realms of electro, breaks and UK funky to deliver four guaranteed dance floor melters: it’s dangerously good.

The EP kicks off impressively with title track “The Bruce”; Wachs means business with this release. Acid-tinged, dubby and bubbling with all sorts of strangeness, there are no doubts that this is one which will remain a banger for years to come in the world of electro. If there was ever a track that could get the room moving in a heartbeat, “The Bruce” would definitely be a contender. “The Ventus” carries on where it’s predecessor left off, with small lulls exploding into all sorts of break-fuelled madness. It’s a track which has slightly more of a 90s rolling sound to it, though the specks of acid link it nicely to “The Bruce”.

For anyone looking for the love-child of electro and funky, “Mega Globule” is comfortably the best you’ll find. Choppy vocals and a broken bassline fuse together effortlessly to create one of the most innovative tracks 2020 has seen thus far; quite easily a stand out not just from this release, but in recent times. “Pompey Cruiser” rounds the release off with some lively two-step, showcasing Wachs’ knowledge and passion for a range of genres which combine to give him the distinctly fresh and unmatchable sound he is known for.

The Bruce EP can be purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Desert Sound Colony: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Acid · Dance · Electro


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