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King Magnetic, DJ E.REX and GQ Nothin Pretty show us "How It All Started"

King Magnetic's new release "How It All Started" takes us back to the good old days before his rap career. The song is part of Mag’s ongoing #weeklyvibes2020 series that showcases different parts of the lyrical bruiser and on this one, he recruits producer DJ E.REX to handle the boards while his longtime collaborator and friend GQ Nothin Pretty help out with the hook on the chorus. Magnetic shares more than a handful of stories from his past over DJ E.REX’s brassy production while doing a quick rundown of some main events that shaped his life. With GQ handling chorus duties, it all blends seamlessly to give the song a strong throwback vibe, all without sounding dated or contrived.

The video - directed by the team at WE L!IVE T.V. - takes it back to Magnetic's old stomping grounds of Allentown, Pennsylvania which includes William Allen High School, where GQ attended. It’s there where we get to see the lyrically-impressive emcees dive into their past and provide some background on events that shaped their lives. The directors also keep it straight forward with quick clean shots that focus on the rapper's performance style and demeanor. Pretty much less flash and flare and more on the emcee's substance.

Get "How It All Started" on all digital platforms here.

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