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Ramzoid continues his musical evolution on "Vampire"

In a similar fashion to such contemporaries as Mura Masa, and more similarly, close-friend Aries, Canadian producer and songwriter Ramzoid continues to triumph in his prosperous evolution from bedroom-based beatmaker to fully-fledged and truly envelope-pushing artist. 2018's "WORLD" EP saw the first iteration of Ramzoid's vocals and songwriting steer his already wildly unique take on modern electronic music, and his confidence has unequivocally skyrocketed since.

"Vampire" continues the trend of his 2020 singles, which see the unique producer take a mild departure from the dancier aesthetics of previous releases, and whilst it's clear that he's forever experimenting with the boundaries of his style, his vocal delivery clearly sits in more of a psychedelic hip-hop pocket in its current state. Heavy on the melody and unlike anything you'll hear this year, "Vampire" is as darkly pondering as the title may suggest, with Ramzoid sharing via email that "this song is about feeling like a vampire in your everyday life and getting annoyed with people. Shout out to all the modern-day vampires out there."

Taking great strides forward in the past two years and with three singles released this year already, Ramzoid is clearly not looking to stay still any time soon. Expect much more from the stylish savant this year and beyond.

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Electronic · Hip-Hop


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