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Sharpson pays tribute to "Kate Bush" in new music video

Sharpson steps out of the shadows once more to unveil his amazingly crafted video for new track "Kate Bush". 

Sharpson is a a DJ/Producer from Ireland. Following the success of his 2018 debut EP Jazz In Germany, he returned with a slew of successful singles such as "Tesco Lager" featuring lyricist Wax White. On this new track, Sharpson creates a surprisingly dark aesthetic using pulsating synths chords and incredible thick drums. The analog-style from the synth work evoke these warm but sharp emotions. It displaces you and adds these feelings of wants and needs. A truly beautiful composition. The haunting visual that comes with it further impacts the person consuming the content on offer. 

As for the video, it is directed by Niall Cutler who is part of a sketch comedy group known as Chaps Eye. Having worked with Sharpson before on his video for "Why Don't Ye Come On Out?", he continues his streak with an amazing visual accompaniment to the music once again. The cinematography, camera work, and editing is clean, cut and precise. The performance from Hannah Mamalis is incredibly eerie and unnerving. The sheer similarities between this and Kate Bush's videography is not only stunning but also haunting. 

As stated before, 2018 was the last time we heard a full-length project from Sharpson. With this being a new decade, we can only hope to expect a brand new project form Sharpson later this year. With his other project, Doublescreen also out there and well known, who knows what direction we as fans are going to be taken in. All I know is, we're in for something special. 

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