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Michael Fam finds contrast and freshness on newest EP "FLOAT"

Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Michael Fam has released a new three-track deep house EP via Understated Records. With a focus on strong melodies, smooth chords and electro breaks, the FLOAT EP marks a slight change in direction for the funky house producer.

The title track is minimalistic, mature and light, as one might expect given its title. It’s a one that taps into a variety of emotions, and while it was produced with the dance floor in mind, it feels just as comfortable to listen to at home. Despite the minimalism, there are enough levels to keep things intriguing, particularly given the contrast to many of Fam’s previous productions.

“GOING DEEPER” and “BEEN SO HARD” are tracks which Fam produced and left for almost a year before finalising the EP with “FLOAT.” The use of 90s movie soundtracks as influence particularly utilising long chords and synths to create moods is something which shines thorough in the two latter tracks. “GOING DEEPER,” which features whispering vocals that intensify into subtle breaks, is easy to get lost in. Although adding a modern tinge to the track, it wouldn’t sound out of place in a 90s movie itself. “BEEN SO HARD” is a personal stand-out on the EP. Altogether bouncier and projecting a wholly different mood from the very beginning, it’s a track which is euphoric in its melodies, yet mellowed out slightly by the muffled vocals. The contrast works just right to balance the spirit with the other tracks on the EP.

An attentive and imaginative collection of work from the first track to the last, Fam’s interpretation of deep house is refreshing, and makes for an enjoyable and relaxing listen.

FLOAT can be streamed via Spotify and purchased via Beatport.

Connect with Michael Fam: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

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