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PEY PEY drops hauntingly beautiful "Honest With You"

Australian indie-pop artist PEY PEY releases a hauntingly beautiful ode to emotions, "Honest With You," a picture-perfect song that portrays the chaotic nature of such feelings. 

Produced by Adam Xycore, PEY’s second single reveals the artist in a new light, one that is shed by synths. Soft, beautiful and organic in nature, the song attacks and breaks in all the right places. The single sees PEY reconstructing pop in all the right places, by drawing emotions with every word she sings. Her goal through this single was set out to sound like she is “Sitting down with the listener and confessing all.”

“Some of the lyrics and themes are all over the place, but that’s what happens when humans try to articulate the way they’re feeling, sometimes its jumbled up and isn’t always in order. Lyrically, I didn’t want to wrap it in a tight little bow,”

The song explores themes of existentialism, yearning, self awareness, and figuring out your place in the world. PEY is already carving out her own identity, leaving her the one to watch for 2020.

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