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Jordan Mackampa debuts first album 'Foreigner'

London-based singer Jordan Mackampa has dropped his debut album, Foreigner. Released via AWAL, the soul-packed album embodies the singer's journey from boyhood to manhood through eleven beautifully indie-inspired songs.

Foreigner starts off with the feel-good opener "Magic." Mackampa's voice is fervent and lively over upbeat guitar riffs as he gives up control to the person he just can't get enough of. The samba-infused cut opens up the opportunity for the singer to explore a rollercoaster of feelings throughout the project. Mackampa journeys through his childhood in London, growing up rooted in Congolese culture. He continues to struggle with his own faith while also tackling socio-political issues like racism as well. 

The beauty in Foreigner is Jordan's willingness to be vulnerable. This body of work is all about the journey of finding yourself through love and pain. Each song finds the talented singer tackling a different corner of his soul. Heavily influenced by his mother, "Lula" and "Care For Your Mother" find Jordan addressing his childhood and the relationship with his mother. Moving from the Congo during a war-torn era to London, Jordan struggled to fit in. The love for his mother seemed to be muddled with wanting his father's love too. Inspired by the sounds of Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, the multi-faceted album exercises Jordan's ageless vocals over relaxed production. "Eventide" and "What Am I" are melancholic as Mackampa's robust voice blurs out the well-composed instrumentals. For a debut album, Foreigner effectively puts the musician's vocals and passion on display.

For Jordan Mackampa, Foreigner is just the first step on his road to success. The gifted singer is preparing to perform a headline tour set for the U.S, U.K, and Europe for 2020. 

Connect with Jordan Mackampa: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter



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