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Cats, Netflix and Fantasy Pop with Polartropica's "Disco Daydream" 

Fanciful dream-pop artist Polartropica unleashes her shimmering new single entitled "Disco Daydream." The track highlights flashy synths, punchy melodies and honeyed vocals creating a truly transcendent mood. "Disco Daydream"  details the exhaustion many of us experience after coming home from a long day at work and the distractions that help keep us going. According to her press release, Polartropica imagined watching Netflix with a furry friend by her side as a way to de-stress when creating this song.

Polartropica was born in Taiwan yet raised in California. Creating her own signature style of spacey-psych, her music is pure, eccentric ear candy. Built upon stark contrasts, Polartropica is attracted to taking elements that are total opposites and merging them together to create something fresh and innovative. This concept has resulted in her unique sound that crosses genres. The playful dream world she’s concocted radiates throughout her music and style, with her shows often being compared to performance art. “Disco Daydream” is off her whimsical ten-track release Dreams Come True. 

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