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Grievous Bodily Calm make their mark with sizzling "Sync Step"

It’s hard to keep up with all the quality music coming out of Australia. The region has delivered some of the most original, diverse, genre-bending musical goodness we’ve heard in recent years and the wave doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon. The latest group that is ready to break out is the Perth-based five-piece instrumental Grievous Bodily Calm, whose latest single “Sync Step” is an absolute scorcher that transcends expectation and genre.

Any instrumental ensemble goes on some kind of journey to find a musical voice that resonates without the use of lyrics. If “Sync Step” is any indication, though, Grievous Bodily Calm has had no trouble finding and leaning into their unique lane of sound. The track features elements of house and jazz music for a fascinating product that lives in a sonic universe of its own. With unrelenting, crackling energy on display throughout, the group makes their presence felt with an inescapable drum beat, searing synths, and evocative melodies, all coalescing for a truly captivating release. There seems to be endless creativity in Australian music, and yet “Sync Step” shows that Grievous Bodily Calm still stands alone.

Connect with Grievous Bodily Calm: Instagram | Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify

Feature · House · Instrumental · Jazz


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