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Gotts Street Park branch out on endearing new track "Favourite Kind of Girl"

Gotts Street Park already has an impressive catalogue that features chilled out grooves and collaborations with an eclectic list of artists like with Zilo on “Bad” from last year. Not to be pigeonholed, though, the Leeds collective has taken another step in their sonic evolution with their latest single “Favourite Kind of Girl,” which is out now on Blue Flowers.

The new track features Swedish vocalist Flikka and finds the group letting some light shine on their sound with a heavy dose of old school soul. While some of their previous work contained some enticingly brooding vibes, Flikka helps Gotts Street Park open up their sound on “Favourite Kind of Girl” without sacrificing their gritty style. The song’s succinct arrangement makes it so listeners’ attention will be drawn to the talents of the individual musicians as each player gets moments to stand out in the mix. Flikka’s airy vocals glide beautifully over the top in a way that provides a focal point to the music while leaving plenty of space for the instrumentalists. The new song is a fascinating next step for Gotts Street Park, who show impressive range to go along with their signature style.

"Favourite Kind of Girl" is available to stream or download here.

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Feature · R&B · Soul · U.K.


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