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Nate W. releases wavy tune “Dutty Luv”

Nate W. (formally known by Nate Wavy) is an AfroFusion Artist based in Atlanta. His latest tune, “Dutty Luv” is a sultry song, bringing elements of Dancehall and Afrobeats together. 

With his lyrics, Nate W. paints the picture of a man captivated by a woman’s beauty. Speaking on the inspiration behind “Dutty Luv”, Nate W. shared that the song was inspired by a beautiful girl he met at a party. He sings in the hook “Dutty Luv, I need I need your love”. “Dutty Luv” is one of those songs that instantly put you in a good mood. It’s the kind of song you listen to while getting dressed to see someone special. One thing listeners will enjoy about this tune is, it’s not one of those songs that gets interesting only at the chorus. Also, the rhythm he sets with his verses are equally as entertaining as the hook.

Nate’s sound isn’t your typical "Afrosound". His sound is a blend of 00s RnB, Rock, Pop, Afroswing, and of course Afrobeats. He is currently working on a video for “Dutty Luv” and will be releasing an EP at the end of the year depending on the reception he gets from his fans.

Connect with Nate W. : Instagram | Twitter



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