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Yakul continue their ascent with breathtaking new single "Streetlight"

Anyone fed up with formulaic, overly processed music we hear these days should be on the lookout for Yakul. The Brighton-based quartet burst on the scene last year with their debut EP Getting Late, turning a lot of heads with their superior talents and accessible style. The collective has returned with a burning new single “Streetlight,” which shows further proof of their mastery in making complex music sound easy. The new song comes from a forthcoming EP due out this summer.

A quick listen to “Streetlight” shows clearly why the group has a growing reputation on the live circuit. Yakul exhibit astounding musicianship with cleverly sophisticated arranging and delivery. Meanwhile, singer and keyboardist James Berkeley delivers striking melodies and lyrics. In addition to the masterful musical skills on display, producer Sam Barsh does a superb job capturing the group’s electrifying live energy on the track, which is no small feat. Berkeley sings about a dangerous yet inescapable infatuation in someone while the music deftly follows suit. Beginning with relaxed grooves and dreamy harmonies that escalate, and crescendo into boiling energy toward the end of the track.

The sheer talents on display from the members of Yakul on “Streetlight” should make listeners take notice. The result is engrossing songwriting and stellar production that take the band to another level.

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Feature · Jazz · Neo-Soul · Pop · U.K.


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