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Oddnesse celebrates their individuality in "All American Lie"

Bubblegum folk group Oddnesse release their captivating new single “All American Lie”. Showcasing soft, passionate vocals, delicate drums and vibrant guitar, the track examines the denial culture we are currently living in, where many of us choose to remain naive to the truth. The song also takes a deep look into Rebeca Arango’s (the brainchild behind Oddnesse) own personal denial and the challenge of having to face that. The singer reveals in her press release, “This song came from the gut-wrenching experience of facing my own personal denial. For years I lied to myself, thinking I was okay to self-compromise in the name of productivity, status or success -- The American dream. I oversubscribed to values of “positive thinking,” “not complaining,” and “being of service” -- just to keep my soul in golden handcuffs where I thought I was safest.”

A New Jersey native who grew up on the oldies like ABBA and Neil Diamond, Arango was drawn to music from a young age. Known for her keen ear for compelling basslines and infectious harmonies, Oddnesse has crafted a uniquely mesmerizing sound. The band also consists of Eddie Rivera (bass, guitar) and Lauren Kinney (keys, back-up vocals). Take a listen to the eye-opening new single now.

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