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Akinyemi's "Finna" is a cutting banger

Slick Queens lyricist Akinyemi has just released a fiery new single "Finna" ahead of his debut album Warrior's Fate (Ep. 1) due on April 15th. The raw and commanding track from the young rapper is his first of 2020 and comes after a slew of strong singles in 2019. Backed by a powerfully chugging beat from Brasstracks, the passion that Akinyemi brings on "Finna" is both impressive and daunting. The New Yorker's off the cuff bars and wild delivery present a clear vision that refuses to compromise. 

As the title of the song suggests, Akinyemi's newest effort is a declaration of goals he's set out to accomplish, or rather moves he's "Finna" make. His sharp raps are full of focus that rings true with every word. Through unique flows and inflections over the steady beat, Akinyemi brings powerful promises like in his opening bars "I'm bigger than it all, and I'm gon' make it work. I aint ever gonna stall. When I'm broke, I'm finna fix it. My goals on my wall." The conviction in his voice indicates that he's delivering not brags or predictions, but absolute facts. The hard hitting knocks and woozy rings of the beat are infectious as well. The instrumental matches Akinyemi's energy accurately and effectively, ticking along at a healthy pace without stretching him too thin. 

Ultimately, "Finna" brings forth a moving and convincing case for Akinyemi's drive and talent. It's a track that, at the very least, will get heads nodding and speakers bumping, but will raise eyebrows too. Still, regardless of the sound, what's undeniable in Akinyemi's voice is a total and undying faith in his musical abilities. Surely this will take him farther than any one banger can.

Connect with Akinyemi: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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